The Honors Club

All students are welcome to join the Honors Club to explore various topics as a community. As the Director of Honors Studies is known to say, "come in and make yourself uncomfortable."

Joining the Honors Club

The Honors Club is open to all FLCC students, regardless of experience with the Honors Studies program. The goal of this club is to bring together students in a self-reflective community that explores topics from various perspectives, expands horizons, and delves into open discussions.

The Honors Club's mission is to:

  • Develop multi-disciplinary self-reflective learning outside of classes and introducing it into extracurricular activities
  • Help students meet who have similar interests and to develop more confidence in regard to such activities as open discussions
  • Encourage students afraid to try Honors Studies to, at the very least, try the club
  • Foster an environment of fluid curiosity, following what interests whoever makes up the club at the given time

To learn more and to join this club, visit the Student Life Office.