Your Honors Goals

Students wearing graduate caps at a graduation ceremony

Accumulating Honors points rounds out your educational experience, but that's not all. In addition to further enjoying academia, you'll be opening doors for your future, and possibly helping yourself fund your education.

Earning Honors Studies Points

With every Honors class you complete, you'll be accruing Honors points. Points are in addition to credit hours accrued, which you earn as you advance toward a degree or certificate. Honors points help you progress toward Honors-specific goals, and they can also be earned through Honors Contracts and Honors Approved Events, in addition to classes.

Sources of Honors Points

Scholarship and Awards

Each year, one Honors Studies student is awarded a scholarship worth $1,000. To become eligible for the FLCC Honors Studies Scholarship, you must be a part- or full-time FLCC student who has completed at least six credits of Honors Studies coursework, and you must maintain a 3.25 GPA. Your application will include an essay (300-400 words) that explores an exciting idea or recent experience that spurred your imagination or challenged your intellect.

Honors Studies Awards are bestowed upon three students each year:

  • The Honors Studies Distinction Award is given to students who are selected to speak at the Honors Convocation.
  • The Dr. Barbara A. Etzel Spirit Award is given to a student who has shown passion, dedication, and commitment to learning and to the Honors Studies experience.
  • The Honors Studies Student Leadership Award is given to a student who has engaged in work beyond the classroom in support of Honors Studies and the community surrounding it.

To become eligible for an Honors Studies Award, you must be a part- or full-time FLCC student who has completed at least six credits of Honors Studies coursework.

Honors Studies Scholar Designation

When you accumulate 15 points of Honors Studies experience (with nine of them earned through completion of Honors classes/seminars) and hold a 3.25 GPA at the time of graduation, you'll earn an Honors Studies Scholar designation on your transcript, along with supporting documentation.

All part- or full-time FLCC students in any program of study are eligible to earn the Honors Studies Scholar designation. Earning this special recognition can help with successful transfer as it indicates to transfer schools that you're a serious, hardworking intellectual.