The Honors Experience

Students engaging in a discussion in the student lounge

Delve into deep discussions with driven, passionate students and instructors. Within this supportive, collaborative network, you'll overcome presentation fears, tackle writing challenges, and unleash your creativity.

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The encouraging and ambitious nature of Honors Studies is ubiquitous; whether you're engaged in discussion in a seminar class, presenting a special project for an Honors contract, debating with peers in the Honors House lounge, analyzing a topic with the Honors Club, or sharing your work one-on-one with another student, you'll find the Honors Studies experience to be consistent.

While Honors Studies classes are offered in various FLCC locations, many are offered at the Honors House, which is located just a short walk from Main Campus. Many students prefer to spend their free time socializing, reading, studying, or completing schoolwork at the Honors House.

Your Honors Studies experience can be as brief or extensive as you wish; some students simply attend an event or two, while others fill their schedules with as many seminars, contracts, and events as possible. If you're among the latter, you'll be excited to know that accumulating Honors Studies points gains you eligibility to apply for a scholarship, awards, and a special designation on your transcript.

Honors Advantages

Many students appreciate their personal growth. Some are thankful for transfer-readiness. Others focus on scholarship opportunities. What advantages will you gain through Honors?

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Honors students fuse creativity with a passion for learning, and they share their insights and revelations through a multitude of media. Students present to peers and faculty often.

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