The Honors Studies Experience

The Honors Studies experience is designed to provide you with an outlet for your creativity, allowing you to become deeply engaged in discussion and interaction with your peers and faculty members.

Honors Studies seminars are engaging, and students tend to be driven and passionate in this learning experience. The supportive and collaborative nature of the seminars encourages you to overcome presentation fears, writing challenges, and more.

Many students prefer to spend free time and class time at the Honors House, where many Honors Studies seminars are held. However, you will also find that Honors Studies seminars are held in other FLCC locations, which means you can find various convenient opportunities for earning Honors Studies points.

As you successfully progress through Honors Studies, you'll earn Honors Studies Points, which will allow you to become eligible for Honors Scholarships (when you earn six points) and enable you to earn a designation on your transcript (when you accumulate 15 points). To be eligible to earn Honors Studies Points, you must be a full-time or part-time student in any program.

How to Earn Honors Studies Points

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