Honors Studies Events

Student providing a presentation to peers at an Honors Studies event

To incorporate Honors Studies into your out-of-class activities, look for Honors Approved Events. These events, which are open to all FLCC students, enable you to bring your insights from Honors Studies to your event experience.

Honors Approved Events

Student events take place all throughout the year at all campus locations. These co-curricular social activities offer an added benefit for you, if they are designated as Honors Approved Events. Your attendance at these events is typically worth one Honors Studies Point when paired with your reflective journal.

To acquire points for your event participation, you'll analyze and document your experience in one journal entry per event, as well as through an Honors Studies Reflective Essay that answers the following three questions: Where have I come from? Where am I now? Where am I going? Your reflective journal will be submitted to the Director of Honors Studies at the end of the semester.

All learners are welcome to attend Honors Approved Events, whether or not they are accruing Honors points. If you are attending in order to earn points toward the Honors Studies Scholar designation, you will need to earn nine points through classes; a maximum of six points can be applied through Honors Approved Events.

Upcoming Events

Event Proposals

Employees: Honors Studies Event Proposal Form Adobe Acrobat, PDF

Students: Honors Studies Event Student Proposal Form Adobe Acrobat, PDF