Enrolling in Honors Studies

FLCC staff member reviewing notes with student in a learning center environment

Honors Studies at FLCC is open to all students. Remember, you don't have to BE an Honors Studies student... you can BECOME one. All you have to be is curious.

Becoming an Honors Student

Honors Studies at FLCC is open access, which means that all students - regardless of academic program of study, grade point average, or extracurricular accomplishments - are welcome. If you're ready to explore your studies from a new perspective, then you are invited to join Honors Studies.

At FLCC, Honors is for everyone; this is not a selective or exclusive program, and there's no application or acceptance process. To become an Honors student, simply enroll in an Honors course. We look forward to your perspective!

Course Schedules

To enroll in an Honors Studies course at FLCC, just choose "HON" in the Subjects field when you're creating your class schedule. This will pull up all Honors courses, regardless of department or prefix, which means you'll see a wide range of course options that will fulfill a variety of academic requirements. With so many intriguing course topics, you're sure to find a class that piques your curiosity and dovetails with your area of study.

Find Your Honors Courses