Honors Studies Contracts

FLCC faculty member Trista Merrill engaging in a conversation with a student in an office setting

If you don't have room in your schedule for more Honors Seminars and Classes, you can embed the Honors Studies experience into any non-Honors class by setting up a contract, making it convenient to earn more points.

Honors Contracts

You're able to acquire Honors points without adding additional courses to your class schedule by taking advantage of the Honors Contract option. A contract is also a great way to add an additional challenge to your regular coursework. A contract can be applied to any class, giving you the ultimate in flexibility as you progress toward your Honors goals.

To complete your Honors Contract, you'll analyze and document your experience in weekly journals, as well as through an Honors Studies Reflective Essay that answers the following three questions: Where have I come from? Where am I now? Where am I going? Additionally, you will have at least one individual meeting with the Director of Honors Studies during your contract.

Through your Honors Studies Contract, you'll earn the equivalent number of points as credits for the course.

In order to enter into an Honors Studies Contract, you need to have first completed an Honors Studies class/seminar. In doing so, you will be able to apply the reflective study philosophy to your non-Honors class work.

Entering an Honors Contract

Students: Honors Contract Packet Adobe Acrobat, PDF