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Updated July 7, 2020 8:55 AM

Dear Students,

The Finger Lakes Community College Fall Re-Opening Plan has been approved by the State University of New York. We are quickly finalizing details to provide you with the best possible educational experience that, first and foremost, protects your health and safety.

We are preparing for a mix of online and in-person experiences when the fall semester begins on Aug. 31. Some online classes can be completed on your own schedule; other online classes will be live at scheduled times. Just like stores and restaurants, FLCC will practice social distancing for in-person activities, such as staying six feet from others and wearing masks.

The Suites at Laker Landing and the cafe will be open though care will be taken to ensure services meet health and safety standards. The library, computer labs, tutoring centers and other services will provide a blend of remote and in-person services.

Our reopening plan lays out the broad guidelines we will follow this fall. Highlights of the plan will be incorporated in the green tabs below. Information will be regularly updated as we work out the finer details. Please remember that plans are subject to change due to new information, guidance and/or direction from the State of New York. I remain optimistic that we can move ahead in pursuit of our goals while taking precautions to protect one another.

Please check this page often for updates. Stay healthy and stay safe while we look forward to a productive fall semester.


President Robert Nye, Ph.D.

Types of Classes

The College is reviewing all course sections and making updates as to whether they will be held in-person or online. You may notice changes to courses you previously registered for. Decisions to move courses online reflect the desire for our campus community to come back together in a safe way. We will make final decisions on course formats by mid-July.

We are planning for a number of ways to offer courses in the fall:

  • Online: Course content, such as readings, assignments and tests, is available through the internet with no scheduled class meetings. In WebAdvisor, online classes have a "U" or an "S" before the section number (example: ENG-101-U1). The "S" refers to online classes taken through SUNY (example: ENG-113-S1).
  • Synchronous Online: These online web conference courses meet at scheduled times so that students can have real-time interaction with their professor and fellow students. In WebAdvisor, synchronous online classes have a "C" in the section number (example: MAT-121-C06).
  • In-Person: Small classes with social distancing measures. In WebAdvisor, in-person courses will have no letter if they take place at the main campus, a "G" for Geneva, an "N" for Newark and a "V" for Victor (examples: BIO-171-05 and TECH-116-V5). Refer to the meeting information for days and times.
  • Hybrid: These courses are part online, part on-campus with scheduled in-person times and social distancing to provide face-to-face interactions in a safe environment. In WebAdvisor, hybrid classes are noted in the "Prerequisites/Special Conditions" column on the right with the on-campus meeting times noted under "Meeting Information."

New Students

Students new to FLCC for the fall semester should register for classes by following the instructions in your acceptance email, and signing up for a registration appointment via WebAdvisor. To add or drop classes after you have registered, please contact Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services at

Returning Students with a GPA of 2.0 or above

If your cumulative GPA is 2.0 or above, you are not required to meet with an advisor to select courses. To add or drop classes, log into WebAdvisor and adjust your schedule via the "Register for Sections" option. The semester starts Aug. 31 and changes can be made online through Aug. 30.

To add a course that is full, contact the One Stop Center at

Returning Students with a GPA below 2.0

If your cumulative GPA is below 2.0, you must contact Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services at or the Geneva, Newark or Victor campus center to register for classes or make adjustments to your courses. This is to ensure you are taking the right classes to make progress toward your academic goals.

Other Academic Changes

Looking to change your major? You can do this through your academic advisor or via email at

Dropping a summer class? Complete a drop form

If you need assistance, please contact Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services at

All student services will be available remotely through the summer. Our plan is to resume in-person service in the fall with social distancing and other health and safety measures.

See below for details on how to contact specific offices and services. Visit our Blackboard Student Group to see virtual hours, and to make individual tutoring and academic support appointments.

Access the Blackboard Student Group 

New Student Orientation

Our new student orientation program will be online. Information and instructions will be sent to you in early August and again before the start of the term.

Disability Services

  • If you are a current or incoming student, or a faculty member and you have questions regarding registering, accommodations or accessible documents, please reach out to the Disability Services Coordinator at
  • Check out the Disability Services web page for more information and resources.

Counseling Services

  • Students needing short-term personal counseling can reach the Office of Community Standards and Counseling at (585) 785-1211 or Appointments can be set up in Starfish.
  • Worried about someone's health and safety? Call 911 immediately. If your concern does not require an emergency response, complete a RADAR report.
  • Check out the Counseling Services web page for available apps and resources relating to personal development and mental health.

Student Health Services

  • Students will be required to have their immunizations on file before the start of the fall semester. If you are registering the week before the term, we will provide a short window in which to submit the appropriate documents.
  • A health history may be required so that the College can monitor those who have underlying conditions in case of an on-campus COVID case.
  • Students will continue to have access to the Health Services staff. We will coordinate care with our team virtually and with our care provider in Canandaigua for non-life threatening issues. Contact us at (585) 785-1297 or during business hours (Monday - Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. and until 4 p.m. on Friday).

Emergency Needs and Staying Safe

  • We understand that life happens. In this turbulent time, this can be even more stressful. To request a student emergency loan for unforeseen expenses, such as a car repair, please visit our website.
  • Your safety is of paramount importance to us. During this time, all policies remain in place. If you have concerns around discrimination, sexual misconduct or general conduct issues, please contact the Office of Community Standards and Counseling at (585) 785-1211 or

All FLCC facilities are currently operating with managed access, meaning only those with authorization can enter and exit through the main entrance after checking in with Campus Police. In the fall, our plan is to open the main campus and campus centers, including the computer labs, library and tutoring centers, with social distancing measures, such as keeping six feet apart and wearing masks, with stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Appointments may be required for student services and meetings with advisors and counselors. Details will be posted here when they are finalized.

Students should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. For more information and resources, visit the Financial Aid web page.

For help completing your FAFSA, email Lidia Irizarry, our FAFSA completion specialist, at to set up an appointment via phone or Webex.

Financial aid counselors are available for phone or video conferencing via Webex; your counselor is assigned to you based on the first letter of your last name.

The College has received funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) Act. The U.S. Congress established the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) to provide emergency financial aid grants. These critical funds will help eligible FLCC students cover expenses related to unanticipated travel, additional technology requirements, or other needs related to the COVID-19 response.

We have received clearance to start the application process for the emergency grant. We will be sending eligible students an e-mail with the application for the emergency grant funding by the end of business, Friday June 5, 2020. Please continue to check your FLCC e-mail for further information.

For more details and updates, please visit the FLCC CARES Act Emergency Fund web page.

The FLCC Book Nook is currently taking online orders for summer courses and selling FLCC gear at

  • Fall course materials can be purchased beginning on Aug. 17
  • Financial aid can be used to buy course materials beginning on Aug. 17

Online orders may be shipped directly to students' homes. Options for pickup will be listed here before Aug. 17.

Personal computers

All students should have access to a personal computer, given the increased use of online courses and web conferencing. In many cases, financial aid may be used to pay for computers at the Book Nook.

Minimum specifications for student laptops will be forthcoming.

For information on internet access and other technology questions, please review the Technology and Internet Access section below.

FLCC IT Services

The Helpdesk is available at (585) 785-1419 or to assist you with questions related to computer accounts (i.e. student email, WebAdvisor, etc), and technical support. If you don't get an answer, please leave a message and the first available tech will call you back. Your call is important to us!

For students with internet access problems at home, check with the for options.

Avoiding Email Scams

During any crisis or high-profile event, hackers/scammers and other bad actors will try to trick you into clicking links or opening attachments that relate to the crisis. Here are several to watch out for:

  • COVID-19/Coronavirus emails and attachments with urgent news and important announcements
  • Emails detailing changes in operational modality (moving to online/distance learning)
  • Emails offering special information regarding helping you move to an all online teaching environment
  • VPN news, special offers, fake scareware pop ups saying you need to call Tech Support
  • Emails or unexpected web pages asking you for your logon/password credentials

We ask that everyone carefully look at all emails. If there is any doubt about an email, forward it to the and ask if it is a valid email. Do not take unnecessary risks by clicking links or opening attachments.

The Suites at Laker Landing will be open. As state and local guidance continues to evolve, we will adjust our student housing options accordingly to reflect social distancing and other practices to reduce the spread of illness. Those who have already submitted a housing application will be contacted by late June. Applications continue to be accepted for fall 2020.


Students may request a refund of their remaining spring 2020 Laker Loot and/or block meal plan balances by completing a FLCC Association meal plan refund request.

Refund requests for Laker Loot and block meal plans purchased with financial aid must be submitted by June 30, 2020 - after that date, funds will expire. Laker Loot purchased with funds other than financial aid never expire and may be used in subsequent years; refund requests may be made at any time or balances may be maintained for future purchases.

Kindly allow three to four weeks for processing. Please reach out to with any questions.

Food Service

The College's dining vendor, AVI Fresh, will be open for business during the fall term. Details will be forthcoming on services and options.

FLCC Student Identification Cards

The College is investigating the use of electronic credentials. Please check back for more information. Your FLCC Student ID number is found in your WebAdvisor account.

Housing Support

Please contact the Office of Housing & Residential Life at (585) 785-1643 or to find out what local options are available.


If you are well, practice these protective measures:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly several times a day with soap and water or use alcohol based hand sanitizers
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Be prepared to stay home by having a few days of extra food, water and medicine on hand
  • Practice social distancing

If you are ill, do the following:

  • Stay home if you are ill, except to obtain medical care or necessities
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow - not your hand
  • If you have symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath) and seek medical treatment, call ahead so providers are ready for you.
  • If you believe you have come in contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19, call your health care provider or your county public health department


Staff for FLCC and its food service provider, AVI, use cleaning products shown to be effective against coronavirus. In addition, facilities staff take the following measures to control the spread of disease:

  • Disinfection of door knobs and handrails
  • Wiping down work areas that get used under limited operations
  • Keeping hand sanitizer stations filled at all locations
  • Flushing the air in the building as often as possible to bring in fresh air from outside
  • Deep cleaning all restrooms (fixtures, walls and floors) regularly

Need Assistance?

General Questions or Comments

If you have a question about FLCC operations that is not included here, email us at

Student Concerns

For students who have a specific concern or question, you can complete this simple form. We will connect you with the right resource.


New York State Coronavirus health hotline | 1-888-364-3065

Call with questions or concerns about travel and symptoms

New York State Health Department: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SUNY: Health Alert - 2019 Novel Coronavirus

CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019

World Health Organization: Rolling updates on coronavirus disease

Local: NYS County Health Departments

Adobe Acrobat, PDF FLCC Fall Re-Opening Plan
Please note: Plans are subject to change upon new information, guidance and/or direction from the State of New York.