About the Admissions Application

Apply to FLCC using the FLCC online admissions application is simple. Applicants should note:

Application Fee

Payment of the $20 application fee must be completed online when using the online application form. This is a non-refundable fee required to process your application request. A credit card payment or electronic check is accepted. Application fee waivers may be requested at the completion of page two of the online application form and will be processed by the admissions office to insure that the applicant meets the income guidelines included on the waiver form.

Social Security Number

Social security number is a required field to submit an FLCC online application. Providing your social security number allows FLCC to process, track, and match your application credentials correctly and quickly. In addition, you are required by the federal government to provide the social security number if you will be applying for federal financial aid. FLCC is dedicated to ensuring the confidentiality of student records and application material. If you are not able or willing to provide your social security number, contact the FLCC Admissions Office at (585) 785-1279 for alternative options for completing an application for admission.

Proof of High School Equivalency

After submitting the online application, applicants are required to provide proof of high school equivalency typically in the form of a final, official high school transcript showing graduation or a G.E.D. or T.A.S.C. score report.

  • Home schooled students will receive further instructions upon submitting the application regarding additional options to provide proof of substantial equivalency.
  • In most instances (except for Nursing and Therapeutic Massage majors) applicants who have earned an associate or bachelor degree can be waived from the requirement of submitting a high school transcript as long as an official, final copy of the college transcript showing graduation is on file in the Admissions Office.
  • Some applicants are required to submit additional, supplemental materials based on specific requirements for their major or on the unique circumstances of the applicant.  If this is the case, the applicant will be contacted upon receipt of the online application form.

Contact Us

If you believe that special circumstances exist which prevent you from using our online admissions application or providing a social security number, contact the One Stop Center at (585)785-1278 for assistance or e-mail the Admissions Office at admissions@flcc.edu.

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