New Media

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The Degree

Associate in Science (A.S.)

The Outlook

Digital technology continues to grow and evolve, transforming communication and changing the way we do business. This growth and evolution is opening up new career options for graduates in this emerging field. Finger Lakes Community College's A.S. new media degree program combines the elements of computer science, fine arts, music, and communications to provide a comprehensive program which will give you exposure to the technologies and tools that are defining the industry.

The Program

The New Media program is designed to provide you with practical experience with new communication technologies. Additionally, it strives to build your understanding of the creative process, while promoting and encouraging personal creative expression.

Through integrated coursework in video production and editing, multimedia, audio production, and graphic design, you will learn how to design and create graphics, audio, video, and other content for websites, DVDs, and emerging technologies.

Courses include:

  • Video Production 1
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Script Writing
  • Multimedia Development
  • Web Site Development for New Media
  • Introduction to Digital Media, Digital Media Design, Audio for Film and Video, and New Media Production

You will gain practical experience in two Macintosh media labs, extensive PC computer labs, and a 900 square foot on-campus television studio. You will also utilize industry standard tools such as Avid nonlinear editing software, Pro Tools, Adobe Creative Suite, digital still cameras, digital camcorders, and digital studio cameras.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree program, students will be able to:

  • Distinguish and demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively using a variety of digital media.
  • Analyze an audience and form a message to effectively reach that audience.
  • Create and defend creative works using digital media, video, print, multimedia, and the spoken word.

The Graduates

The A.S. in new media is designed to prepare you for successful transfer to four-year institutions in programs such as:

  • New Media
  • Digital Media
  • Multimedia
  • Web Design
  • Communications

Currently, FLCC has developed transfer agreements for the proposed program with four-year schools such as SUNY Institute of Technology and Canisius College. Graduates of this program will also be prepared for entry-level employment in digital communications fields.

The Scholarships

As a New Media major, if you are a female student who meets specific award criteria, you will be eligible for the Brooke Makowiec Memorial Award. For information on this scholarship, contact the FLCC Foundation.

The Faculty

The visual and performing arts faculty brings to FLCC a wide range of talent along with in-depth experience. Each faculty member specializes in a particular area of the discipline, and continually strives to stay current in that area. FLCC is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date programs and courses, and strives to provide you with an excellent education.

New Media

FLCC Stories: New Media

FLCC's New Media degree program combines elements of computer science, fine arts, music, and communications with cutting edge technology. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll leave that to the New Media students who produced this video.