Hospitality: Hotel and Resort Management

Poolside resort featuring a scenic view, pictured on a bright summer day.

Provide quality guest experiences for people on the move. Prepare for a career in lodging and accommodations with a program that includes hospitality, communication, marketing, and business management training.

Career Outlook: Lodging and Accommodations

Ensure guests have a comfortable, positive experience while traveling. Hotels, resorts, spas, and casinos need managers with exceptional people skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 9% growth in hotel and resort management careers by 2030. The average salary for lodging managers was $59,430 in May 2021.

FLCC alumnus Michaela Emerling, class of 2021.

"I really like how we learned about food and beverage, hotel management, and events planning all together. You can't just focus on one because they all mix together in the end anyway. It's very beneficial to learn about food and beverage, even if you're going for hospitality management. For example, I was studying hotel and resort management but got an internship with events planning because I had a background in that industry too."

— Michaela Emerling, '21

Hotel and Resort Management Programs

A.A.S. Hospitality: Hotel and Resort Management

This program combines 600 hours of professional work experience with courses in hospitality law, accounting, culinary arts, and hotel management. An A.A.S. degree in hospitality is ideal for first-time students and those interested in transferring to a four-year institution. You'll also have time to enjoy college athletics, participate in student life activities, and take general education credits.

A.A.S. Program Overview

Hospitality: Hotel and Resort Management Certificate

Earn 300 hours of professional work experience while taking essential courses in culinary arts, hospitality, and hotel management. This certificate is ideal for entry-level hospitality workers seeking career advancement and adult learners interested in changing their occupation. Program requirements focus entirely on industry skills and knowledge, so you can join the workforce quickly

Certificate Program Overview

Study Hospitality in One of New York's Premier Tourist Regions

The Finger Lakes is home to over 130 wineries, hundreds of fine dining restaurants, and many scenic resorts. Make FLCC your one-stop destination for all your hospitality career goals. Learn from our network of regional experts. Gain hands-on work experience through internships, industry speaker events, and access to tourist and culinary destinations.