Careers in Computer Science

A data science professional diligently analyzes computer code and information flow charts on a dual monitor display in front of her.

Computer science professionals are problem solvers and analytical thinkers. They are creative minds with innovative career options. Some of today's most popular apps and tech gadgets are developed by these individuals.

Emerging Fields in Computer Science

Computer science experts are among the most in-demand tech people. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge career, the following fields require more qualified candidates:

Artificial Intelligence

Creating machines that act, think, and work like human beings do is the center of what Artificial Intelligence is about. It is a solid contributor towards things like intelligent web searching and cancer research. Gaming, robotics, and media are some of the industries currently using AI.

Cloud Computing

Organizations of all types use cloud computing to deliver services such as applications, storage, and databases over the internet. According to Gartner, the cloud services market continues to grow, and businesses of all sizes are in need of people who are skilled in this area. Network administrators, cyber security specialists, and data engineers are some of the most in demand professionals in this field.

Cyber Security

Cyber attacks pose a real threat to businesses, government offices, and our own homes. With this in mind, the need for experts in cyber security has increased. Professionals who are knowledgeable in databases, networks, and hardware are in demand, as they can help prevent malicious cyber attacks from occurring.

Data Science

Data is collected by people and organizations all around the world, and it has been piling up for decades. Data scientists organize information so that companies can make intelligent decisions for the future. This aspect of computer science can help improve customer experiences, reduce expenses, and expand customer bases.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a market that continues to heat up. It plays a key role in medical science, businesses, and the space industry, among other areas. Becoming skilled in game development, graphics, and motion design will make you a marketable job candidate in this career field.

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