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Center for Teaching and Learning

Since its inception in 1991, the Gladys M. Snyder Center for Teaching and Learning has fostered innovation, communication, and opportunities for professional development in all areas of teaching effectiveness. The Teaching Center serves the pedagogical needs of all faculty and professional staff who are dedicated to the cognitive and affective development of our students.


  • To foster teaching effectiveness and enhance student learning.
  • To facilitate and support faculty development.
  • To coordinate and share educational resources and expertise.
  • To encourage classroom research and teaching innovation.
  • To support peer mentoring.


  • To provide opportunities for learning about new classroom strategies and new teaching technology, and to facilitate discussions of pedagogical issues.
  • To promote peer interaction and cooperation.
  • To increase awareness of the learning needs of an increasingly diverse student body and to develop and implement strategies to meet these needs.
  • To sponsor workshops, seminars, conferences, and sharing sessions requested by faculty.
  • To increase and strengthen faculty networks for the exchange of ideas, teaching materials, and instructional information.
  • To work with neighboring educational institutions, including secondary schools, colleges and universities, in the promotion of teaching effectiveness.


Major funding for the activities of the Center for Teaching and Learning are provided through the Gladys M. and Harry A. Snyder Memorial Trust, administered through Chase Manhattan Bank in Rochester, NY.