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FLCC & SUNY are a smart investment

As New York deals with an unprecedented budget deficit, our state leaders are discussing making significant cuts to the State University of New York (SUNY) including the 30 community colleges.

This is the wrong time to make cuts to Finger Lakes Community College. In these difficult economic times we must make a smart investment to drive economic development and develop the educated citizenry that will return the state to global prominence.

The Governor has proposed a reduction in community college per student base aid. For FLCC the reduction would be $230 per student resulting in reduction in total state aid of $442,000. SUNY’s 30 community colleges are the first point of entry for many seeking to enter higher education, a place for job training for those retooling themselves in today's volatile economy and a location for workforce training for many companies seeking employees with certain skills. We must not close the door on opportunity.

A letter to your legislators will send a message that New Yorkers support a strong state investment in the SUNY system.

Tell legislators that a strong SUNY will play a critical role in New York’s economic recovery by signing The Smart Investment Petition.

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