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SUNY Advocates

SUNY Advocates is a grassroots network of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, students and community members of New York state public colleges and universities who value a strong state investment in higher education.  Advocates will be asked to talk to their friends, family, neighbors -- and especially their elected officials -- about the value that their local campus and the State University of New York offer to the state. The SUNY Advocates Web site will provide valuable information to advocates about the SUNY budget request, making it easier for supporters to learn about issues and happenings on campus and throughout SUNY. The Web site also will provide a wide variety of resources and tools, available at their fingertips, to assist supporters advocating for SUNY in their communities and at the Capitol in Albany. 

Building a grassroots network of supporters is a powerful way to raise awareness of the impact that each SUNY institution has throughout the state and on the local community, thus building stronger public awareness of and support for SUNY’s work. The upcoming 2009 legislative session is going to be difficult for SUNY.  The impact of the state budget on SUNY will come down to our ability to demonstrate to state leaders and the public that SUNY is a critical state investment.

 “When I feel the heat, I see the light.”

    - Senator Russell, Georgia

Grassroots advocacy is a powerful way for legislators to “see the light” on the need to invest in SUNY campuses throughout the state. This session, legislators will hear from many different interest groups across the state, and SUNY Advocates will be there to make sure our voice is heard. When alumni, faculty, staff and students advocate together, we will be more successful explaining to legislators why state investment in SUNY campuses is critical.