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Educational Opportunity Program

What is EOP?

The Educational Opportunity Program at Finger Lakes Community College is part of a statewide program that provides academic support and financial assistance to qualifying students who are admitted to the program. Our goal is to expand opportunities to individuals traditionally bypassed by higher education. We seek applicants who show promise for mastering college-level work, but may not be admitted to selective admission colleges due to an academic record which does not reflect this potential. EOP considers applications from traditional-aged college applicants and adult learners who qualify academically and financially for the program.

EOP Supportive Services

  • Academic, financial, and career planning
  • Pre-freshman Summer Extended Orientation Program
  • Tutoring program
  • Assistance in identifying interests, abilities, and expectations
  • General advising and personal support
  • Help with accessing the services of other college offices

Who is eligible for EOP?

First-time Students

A first-time college student must meet academic and financial guidelines to be considered for EOP admission. First-time EOP applicants must complete and return an application and financial eligibility form. More information on the application process (along with the forms) is available at this link:

Applying for EOP as a first-time college student

Transfer Students

Applicants entering FLCC who have previously attended another college or other post-secondary educational programs are eligible for EOP at FLCC only if they are New York State residents and have been enrolled in a similar post-secondary opportunity program such as EOP, HEOP, SEEK, or College Discovery at their previous college. Verification of previous status is required. To request EOP verification from a previous college, print and return this form:

EOP Transfer Applicant Information Sheet Adobe Acrobat, PDF

Currently Attending Students and Students Re-entering FLCC

Students are eligible for EOP only if they were previously admitted to FLCC as EOP students. Current students who were admitted to the College as EOP students will not need to reapply for the program. Re-entering students must be New York State residents, apply for financial aid, be in good academic standing, and must not be in default on a federal student loan. Returning students may print and return this form to be re-instated as EOP students:

EOP Returning Student Information Sheet Adobe Acrobat, PDF