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Academic advisement is available to assist students in making decisions concerning their educational and career goals, degree choices and course registration. Students are responsible for satisfying the requirements of their degree program and are strongly encouraged to consult with their advisor regarding appropriate course selection.

Full-time Student Advisement

Academic advisors are assigned to all full-time students (12 or more credits). Typically, the advisor is a faculty member from a student's academic department. The advisor should be able to explain course requirements for the major, the career paths that can be pursued once the degree is achieved, which four-year institutions may be appropriate for consideration, and the courses that are best suited for transfer.

At the beginning of the semester, an e-mail is sent to students' FLCC e-mail address which includes the name and office location of the assigned academic advisor.

Part-time Student Advisement

Although part-time students are not automatically assigned an advisor, they are encouraged to seek advisement in the Educational Planning and Career Services office. Students can also e-mail their questions and receive an answer by the next business day.

Requesting a Faculty Advisor

All students (full and part-time) have the option of requesting a specific faculty advisor. Do so by completing the "Change of Advisor" form, available in Educational Planning & Career Services or at the One Stop Center.