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Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Support

Q: I am having problems in one particular course. Who do I see about help?

A: Start by contacting any of our Instructional Specialists. Either they will help you on the spot, or they will make an appointment to help you. They might set you up with a peer tutor, as well.

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Q: What is a peer tutor?

A: A peer tutor is a fellow student paid to help other students. You will be set up with a student who is either in your class or has had the same instructor as you previously. The peer tutor is recommended by the instructor, but the tutoring process is administered through the Academic Support Center.

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Q: How much do I have to pay for professional or peer tutoring?

A: It costs nothing extra to be tutored at the Academic Support Center. Peer tutoring is a service that you have already funded through your tuition.

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Q: I have a learning disability. Can I get help at the Academic Support Center?

A: Of course! There is just one difference. In order to set up peer tutoring, you need to see Norah Nolan-Cramer, the Coordinator for Students with a Disability.

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Q: Is the Academic Support Center like the Resource Room in high school?

A: No. The Academic Support Center is open to all students who want to achieve academic success. If you want an A or just to pass, there's help for you at the Academic Support Center.

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Q: I'm really doing well in one of my classes. How do I become a peer tutor?

A: Speak with your instructor, and contact Stephanie Olsen in the Academic Support Center at Main Campus.

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Q: What other resources are available through the Academic Support Centers?


  • Textbooks for most courses are available for short-term use by students.
  • Calculators, spell checkers, tape recorders, and other equipment can be signed out for use in the Academic Support Centers or for use during classes.
  • Space is available for both quiet and group study.
  • Workshops on various study skills and content area topics are offered at the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Supplemental instruction is available for some courses.
  • Books for recreational reading are also available.

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