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Instrumentation & Control Technologies

Curriculum Requirements

As a student in this program, you are required to complete a minimum of 63 credit hours with a grade point average of no lower than C (2.0). For this degree program, you must successfully complete the following:


  • ENG 101 Composition I
  • ENG 102 Introduction to Literature or ENG 103 Composition II
  • COM 110 Public Speaking


  • MAT 145 College Algebra
  • MAT 152 Pre-Calculus

Natural Science

  • PHY 108 Applied Physics I
  • PHY 109 Applied Physics II

Computing Science

  • CSC 139 MS Access

Engineering Science

  • ESC 105 Engineering Graphics
  • ESC 174 Computing with LabVIEW


  • TECH 101 Materials & Processes I
  • TECH 116 Introduction to Emerging Technologies
  • TECH 122 Electronic Theory I
  • TECH 123 Digital Electronics
  • TECH 231 Automation of Data Acquisition
  • TECH 232 Automation Control I
  • TECH 233 Introduction to Process Improvement
  • TECH 234 Automation Control II
  • TECH 250 Technology Co-op or TECH 259 Special Projects

Health/Physical Education

  • 2 credit hours of Health/Physical Education (HPE) Electives
Liberal Arts Electives

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SUNY General Education Electives

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