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Taxidermy Certificate

Program Overview

Did you know that FLCC is the only higher education institution in New York State offering the taxidermy certificate program? Your employment opportunities after graduating from this one-year program include full-time taxidermy positions with federal or state agencies or private enterprise. You may even find one of the limited numbers of positions at museums that employ full-time taxidermists. Courses in this certificate can be transferred to related A.A.S. programs in conservation.

Curriculum Requirements

For this certificate, you must successfully complete the following:

First Semester (16 Credit Hours)

  • TAX 100 Principles of Taxidermy (3)
  • Taxidermy Elective (3)
  • General Elective (3)
  • Art Elective (3)
  • Conservation Elective (4)

Second Semester (14 Credit Hours)

  • Taxidermy Elective (3)
  • Taxidermy Elective (3)
  • ART 107 Natural Forms (3)
  • CON 102 Introduction to Wildlife and Fish (3)
  • CON 200 Field Experience in Conservation I (2)

The Faculty

Taxidermy is a hands-on curriculum designed to teach students the science and art of taxidermy. The faculty members are all accomplished taxidermists and run their own businesses. They work with students to teach the basics and to create their own pieces. Many of the students' projects can be seen around FLCC's main campus. Additionally, an accomplished artist whose work has been shown across the country teaches natural forms. His eye for detail and style and his ability to teach provides students with the foundation to create outstanding works.

Financial Aid Options

Federal financial aid is not available for the taxidermy certificate program. If you qualify, state aid may be available. For more information, contact the financial aid office.