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Liberal Arts and Sciences with Advisement Area in Social Science

Sample Schedule

The schedule below shows how the requirements for the A.A. Liberal Arts and Science degree with an Advisement Area for transfer in Social Science may be met in four semesters. You also should check with your transfer institution with regard to specific courses and requirements. This schedule is an example of one of many possible schedules that might be followed by a full-time student. Many students attending FLCC who have work and/or family obligations choose a different sequence of courses and may take more than four semesters to fulfill the requirements for the degree. Similarly, students who find they need to take some preparatory coursework may plan a schedule that takes more than four semesters to complete. You should consult with your advisor when planning your schedule.

First Semester (16-17 Credit Hours)

  • ENG 101 Composition I (3)
  • HIS 100 Shaping of Western Society I (3) OR HIS 110 United States History I (3)
  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (3)
  • Mathematics Elective (3-4) OR Science Elective *(3-4)
  • Health/Physical Education (PE) Elective (1)

Second Semester (16-17 Credit Hours)

  • ENG 102 Introduction to Literature (3)
  • HIS 101 Shaping of Western Society II (3) OR HIS 111 United States History II (3)
  • POL 100 American Government (3)
  • Anthropology Elective (3)
  • Science Elective (3-4)
  • Health/Physical Education (PE) Elective (1)

Third Semester (16-17 Credit Hours)

  • COM 110 Public Speaking (3) OR COM 115 Interpersonal Communication (3)
  • Social Science Elective** (3)
  • Mathematics Elective* (3-4)
  • Foreign Language (3)
  • General Elective (3)
  • Health/Physical Education (PE) Elective (1)

Fourth Semester (16 Credit Hours)

  • Humanities Elective*** (3)
  • Social Science Elective** (3)
  • Computer Science (CSC) Elective (3)
  • Art Elective**** (3)
  • General Elective (3)
  • Health/Physical Education (PE) Elective (1)


* MAT 121 Statistics I and MAT 122 Statistics II are strongly recommended for those intending to ultimately engage in a pure social science profession.

** Social Science courses begin with ANT, ECO, HIS, POL, PSY, SOC, and SSC

*** Humanities courses begin with ART, ASL, CIN, COM, ENG, FRN, HUM, MUS, PHL, SPN, and THE

**** Art courses include ART 100, ART 101, ART 213, ART 223, CIN 260, CIN 261, MUS 100, MUS 105, MUS 110, MUS 111, MUS 115, MUS 116, and THE 104

Students intending to transfer to a SUNY Institution should consult with their advisor for course selections that meet general education requirements.