Information Systems

Curriculum Requirements

As a student in this program, you are required to complete a minimum of 63 credit hours with a grade point average of no lower than C (2.0). For this degree program, you must successfully complete the following:

Program Core

  • CSC 103 Computing Sciences Portal
  • CSC 115 CS1: Introduction to Programming and Computational Thinking
  • CSC 142 Fundamentals of Information Systems
  • CSC 190 CS2: Object-Oriented Software Development
  • CSC 200 CS3: Data Structures

General Education

  • ENG 101 Composition I
    BIO 121 General Biology I and BIO 122 General Biology II OR CHM 121 General Chemistry I and CHM 122 General Chemistry II OR PHY 118 College Physics I and PHY 119 College Physics II OR PHY 151 General Physics I and PHY 152 General Physics II
  • COM 100 Human Communication
  • MAT 152 Pre-Calculus
  • MAT 200 Statistics
  • MAT 220 Discrete Math
  • PHL 113 Technical Ethics
  • SUNY General Education approved course in The Art or World (Foreign) Language
  • SUNY General Education approved course in Social Science
  • SUNY General Education approved course in American History, Western Civilization or Other World Civilizations
  • 2 credits of Health/Physical Education (HPE) Elective

9-10 Credit Hours of Approved Electives from the following:

  • ACC 101 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • BUS 120 Introduction to Business
  • BUS/PSY 124 Organizational Behavior
  • CSC 231 Systems Administration
  • CSC 232 Programming Mobile Applications
  • CSC 235 Server-Side Scripting
  • CSC 243 Systems Analysis and Design
  • CSC 249 Computer Architecture and Organization
  • CSC 251 Applied Database Concepts
  • CSC 260 Networking Technologies
  • CSC 261 Routing and Switching
  • CSC 262 Programming for the Web
  • CSC 270 Principles of Information Security
  • CSC 271 A+ Hardware and Operating Systems Technologies
Liberal Arts Electives

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SUNY General Education Electives

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